IA Education

Syracuse University offers the following IA certificate programs, consistently improving their curricular based on the current trends and demands. The institution offers new IA programs and courses.

Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Information Security Management  (ISM):
The 15-credit hour CAS ISM is a comprehensive framework for information security technology and management enabling students to take a lead role in this area within their organization. This certificate provides students with the flexibility to take coursework that does not overlap their current expertise but gives them the knowledge and skills to work on information security technology, management, policy, critical infrastructure protection, digital forensics, and evaluation.  The certificate is available to those with or without experience in the information technology field.

National Security & Counterterrorism Law Certificate:
The certificate is offered for the students who have prepared themselves as professionals in the expanding fields of national and international security and counterterrorism. The certificate program is available to graduate students and INSCT has awarded 140 certificates since 2006. INSCT (Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism) enriches its students’ academic experience by supporting a vibrant campus community of security professionals by sponsoring, co-sponsoring and promoting a number of campus events.

Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Security Studies:
In this program, 12 credits in security-related coursework give students a solid understanding of: U.S. national security law policymaking pre and post 9/11;  the diverse national security threats, including drugs, crime, terrorism, and ethnic conflicts;  the nature of the international security environment, regimes, and institutions;  the U.S. and international responses to terrorism, including law enforcement, military, intelligence, and diplomatic approaches to counterterrorism, and  the challenges of homeland security preparedness and response.