Our vision is to create a community of practice dedicated to significantly improving the results achieved by practitioners (e.g., engineers, lawyers, bankers, and policy makers) in realizing, certifying, and deploying trustworthy information systems.

We are faculty members from various schools and colleges at Syracuse University (College of Engineering and Computer Science, School of Information Studies, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, College of Professional Studies, College of Law, and the College of Arts and Sciences) who share a common vision of improving society through the creation of trustworthy systems. We, along with our partners, are interested in exploring questions such as:

  • What are the right combinations of policy, assurance, computing, and trust that balance risk, reward, safety, and innovations in ways that maximize participation and provide opportunity, while mitigating risk to acceptable levels?
  • What must be assured and to what degree?
  • How are the components of policy, law, technology, and assurance combined productively? What, if any, are the underlying principles guiding the combination?
  • How is trustworthiness established and maintained (where trustworthiness includes integrity, confidentiality, reliability, safety, accountability, and ethics)?

Many CISAT Fellows have successful and distinguished careers in industry and government. Most Fellows maintain active projects and continuing relationships with government agencies, corporations, and other academic institutions.